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Goddess Awakening

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September 12, 2014

Hello, this is Joan.  I’m bringing you peace and love.

It’s always a pleasure to listen to the voices on this call. (

We have been calling Yah, and calling Yah, and calling Yah. We were instructed that we command the universe. That we can request the guardian to do our bidding, as long as it is good for all of us and for all of human kind. However, we have crossed over into the time of the Divine Feminine. We have negated, omitted, left out the Divine Mother. As long as we continue to do that, we will be in confusion and will not know the answers.


The moment that we turn our eyes to Mother, acknowledge her, she will re-emerged onto the planet. She didn’t leave, she went into obscurity for fifty seven centuries (57,000 years) and ,now, she has re-emerged. Even Father Yah is waiting for us to awaken to the power, to the current, to the energy, to the currency of the Mother. Each women on this call is calling for her.

However, we are not calling with power. We’re calling with tears, we’re calling with faith, we’re calling with hope, but not calling with power. So each woman on this call has a responsibility to awaken to her feminine power. Each man on this call can call to the Mother. When you call to the Mother, healing will take place, immediately.

On October the 11, 2014, the planet will pass through the photon belt and we will be in the fifth dimension, fully. That means that we no longer have to make our transition, die, to be ascended beings. We must awaken to our higher selves, we must call on our Mighty I Am Presence to charge our feeling world with its feeling. So that when we issue the decree we are not affected by the human condition. The human condition is temporary, elusive. It’s an illusion. We are deluded, until we’ve awakened to the power of Mother, Father, All that is.

We are only using part of the power and it is up to each individual human being to awaken to the Divine Feminine, right now. You don’t have anymore time to dwell on the story that you have told. There are no more stories. You keep repeating the same story. You have to write a new story. You have to use your words. You have to use your power. You have to use your currency, your energy. Money is an illusion. It’s only energy.

goddess rebornThe reality is that Gaia is a living, breathing entity. Two weeks ago there was a crack in the surface in Mexico, there was an earthquake in California. There have been several earthquakes, showing that Mother Gaia is breaking up. She just cannot handle you dwelling in the wrong sense any longer.

So, women, awaken to your personal power. Men are waiting for you to awaken. You have been asking questions, you have been relinquishing your own intuition, your own understanding, what you can bring to this story. You keep repeating the same old jargon and it is time for a new Spring.

[Transcribed by Sandra Kaye]




Author: Musicwoman

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